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I read because each reading has the ability to shift the angle of my worldview, and this is in turn feeds the will, the desire to live. This is my crack and  as a result I am a ravenous and indiscriminate reader.

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Paul Eadie on Far from the Madding Crowd Pt3

Far from the Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy

Chapters 8-11


Hardy's Gabriel Oak meets other men working at Bathsheba's farm. Eady: "Meet the family"


The maltster is reminiscing. Eady: "They all respected him"


Gabriel plays his flute for the men. "They are all very pleasant and jolly"


Gabriel decides not to let Bathsheba see him playing the flute as it contorts his face. "he still cares for her still tries to look his best around her"


Fanny disappears and the villagers are concerned. "Shes only been gone 2 hours"


Oak thinks of Bathsheba. "he knows he has got no chance"


Bathsheba meets Mr. Boldwood. "Bath Meets Boldhead"


Hardy describes how Mr. Boldwood took care of Fanny. "very kind chap"


Bathsheba gives money to the workers. "generous soft hearted"


Oak is surprised at the "remarkable coolness" (Hardy) of Bathsheba. "she has matured, used to be wild" (Eady)

Description of Bathsheba managing the farm. "Bath Strong Char - wish to succeed"


Fanny runs away to Sergeant Troy. "is quite like Bath. If she wants to do something, she will"


Fanny visits Troy at his barracks. "Troy spurns his fanny"